Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mars Reigns Happily Indeed

Death is at mother’s door-step
Force the tears that never form
Close out all the signs and revelations
Hold on to the lonely
And try to breathe
See the flames and codes shine bright
Is he laughing or just hoping for a change?
I can’t tell from this angle

Ye Mighty, And Despair

A crow sits upon a porch
Papers blow while the sky darkens
Windows smashed, the church’s empty
Cars sit motionless by the side of the road
Whales washed up on abandoned beaches
Silhouettes stain schoolyards
Dirty dishes and dusty streets
Stacks of flesh and acid rain
A light shines from a high tower
A lonely lord with the world in his hands

Five To Midnight

Apocalypse dreams and reasons
Christ smothered in a blanket
Collapsed historical landmarks
The public cry in rage
A nuclear bomb in a crowded street
Gods fighting in a cage match
Delusional illusions become reality
World peace turns into world war
A dark prince finds his utopia