Sunday, 25 April 2010

Untitled Series

Here's a collection of some of the first poems I wrote.
Warning: contains a lot of unnecessary anger.

Rebels, poets and YouTube
Smoking laws, knife crime and Big Brother
Angry mobs, crumbled religions and lack of life
Deadly blows, loss of hope and feelings of depression
Our world is lost
Our spirits stolen
The dirt we left is now broken.

An anger and hatred beyond doubt
Visions without reasons
An empty mind and an ink less pen
My youth is wasted

Collapsed lungs and a broken set of teeth
Tangled up hair and sweaty pores
Bloody clothes and yellow fingers
A face riddled with cuts and a fractured nose
There's only so much a man can take
Before his soul destroys him

Violent thoughts and sweaty veins
My world is ignorant and far from sane
Answers are clouded
There's none at all
I think too much
I hurt much more
One in a billion
One with a mind
Our youth is wasted
Our youth is blind