Friday, 27 November 2009

Roger Rabbit and Cloverfield

I'm still not sure what to make of Cloverfield. Seems like an interesting enough story. Modern day 'Blair witch' twist on the B-movie genre. And just like 'Blair Witch' Cloverfield too has annoying young character's to deal with.
Rob the main character looks and acts like he's been taken straight out of 'American Psycho' all he needs now is Christian Bale to seduce him then twat him over the head with an axe. They're all a bit too yuppyish and stupid for my liking, have to admit though I do love the childish banter about the two main character's banging each other. Grow Up..he he.
Naturally though after about 25 or so minutes later it all turns very serious and every one's scared. 9/11 time! All my god! it's panic! it's chaos! it's national monuments being destroyed!! it's Godzilla's teen aged daughter!!
I guess the main reason I'm not so sure of this movie is because it's one of those films you can only see on the big screen.
God i need a big HD screen like my friend Andrew. I suddenly discovered the beauty of Blu-Ray when i watched Dark Knight. Never has a man in tight black leather pants looked so good.
Back to Cloverfield however it doe's seem to share a similar technique with 'Shaun Of The Dead', all though Cloverfield has more references to the media than Shaun.
O yeah and how hot doe's Jessica Rabbit still look! Pattycake! Pattycake indeed!

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