Friday, 12 February 2010

Changes need to happen.

So far I’ve watched a good number of ‘The West Wing’ seasons, and I’m not sure why but I like it and I’ll stand by my position no matter who argues. I like the style of which it is shot, the stories and characters are well written and above all believable and I like the fact that despite the subject matter (of which I would normally not consider watching) the dialogue is very well written and easy enough to understand even for the simpletons out there who prefer to watch celebrities make a tit of themselves on reality shows everyday. By watching this I’m even considering breaking into political journalism. Hell Hunter S. Thompson did it, and I consider him a pretty big fucking legend in the journalistic world. Of course the big issue created in today’s society is no-one gives a shit about politics anymore.
This country needs a Hunter S. Thompson following the next general election. Not that I mean to blow my own horn, but I just wish I was better qualified to take on this mission. I want to bring journalism and politics into the public eye again. Now I'm very a where journalism is in the public eye, but when I say journalism I’m talking about REAL journalism, not 100 words spread out over two pages about what celebrity couple are considering divorce this season. I’m talking about well researched, well written news about real situations and real issues. We've come too far in evolution to be now living in the 'celebrity decade'. So you could say I’m a man on a real fucking tough mission. It’s going to be hard and I might even fail but come hell or high water I’m gonna try. I just need to get there, wish me luck.

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