Friday, 5 February 2010

Unsung Heroes

1. Jeffrey Lewis:
In my eyes the best singer/songwriter/one man/one guitar greats since Dylan.

2. Bill Hicks:
Not only one of THE best comedians that ever will live, but also the best philosopher that ever will. It's just a shame he didn't have a chance to leave more material behind.

3. Jeffrey Brown:
Every piece of work he's produced so far has somehow managed to tap into every thought that's ever gone through my head. Truly I am not alone

4. Daniel Johnston:
Just like Jeffrey Lewis, not just another great musician but also the one of the greatest souls we’ll ever know. Living prove that drugs ARE bad.

5. Paul Giamatti:
This actor for some unknown reason is brilliant in everything he’s been in. I personally feel he will be the only guy to pull off Bill Hicks if ever they made a film, god forbid.

6. Dead Leaves:
An absolutely amazing Manga film, definitely in the same league as Akira, Perfect Blue, My Neighbour Totoro and Ghost in the Shell.

7. Monkey Dust:
Only on here because, come on! BBC pull your finger out and release the rest, stop telling us what we can and can not watch. Look what you did to Dennis The Menace. Weirdo's.

8. Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!:
Just because it’s funny as hell, teaches us all that every now and then we just enjoy a joint, because why not, you don’t have to smoke it all the time, and come on these guys know what they’re doing.

9. Deerhunter:
Most definitely one of the best bands going today. A brilliant twist on shoe gaze, ambient, pre 90’s indie music (the good indie music). Great band to see live.

10. Charles Chaplin:
I could go on and on about how much love and respect I have for this legendary clown. Every movie he made was just beautifully crafted and perfectly unique in it’s own way. The sad fact is, it’s very hard to get a hold of his films now. Why I have no idea, I mean you can still get a hold of the Laurel & Hardy collection, so why not his?

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